10 Richest African Countries With GDP (2022)

richest country in Africa

10 Richest African Countries

Africa as the second largest continent in the world is blessed with so many things including natural resources, precious metals, raw materials. There are officially 54 countries on the African continent with population of over 1.3 billion people.

In today article we are going to list out the ten richest countries under African continent so if you looking for the richest countries in Africa, you are reading the right post.

So which country is the richest in Africa?



Currently Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, the biggest economy in Africa due to the size of its GDP. Standing at $514.05 billion in 2021 and is the richest country in Africa.

  1. South Africa:

South Africa

South Africa is considered one of the fastest-developing countries in the world with a highly developed economy and advanced in infrastructure. And is the second richest country in African continent with GDP of  $415.32 billion

  1. Egypt:


Egypt emerged as the third richest country in Africa following South Africa with GDP at $396.33 billion. Though Egypt was once the richest country in Africa in some years back, but lost the position in 2011 following the revolution during the Arab uprising.

  1. Algeria:


Algeria is super rich in gas and oil, this make the country a good candidate for enormous economic growth with GDP of $163.812 billion.

  1. Morocco:


Morocco comes in as the 5th in the list with GDP of $130 billion. Morocco is the second richest non-oil producing African country, driven it economy by mining and manufacturing.

  1. Kenya:


With GDP of $109.49 billion, the country has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in sub-saharan Africa, growing GDP BY 5.9% IN 2019. And this is as a result of positive investor confidence, a stable political climate and service sector with clear business agenda.

  1. Ethiopia:
Flag of Ethiopia blowing in the wind. Full page Ethiopian flying flag. 3D illustration.

Ethiopia is the highest coffee and honey producer in Africa. With the GDP of more than $90 billion comprises of agriculture, construction, manufacturing, food processing and energy.

  1. Ghana:


Ghana is a country found in West Africa. It has an economy that is both diverse and rich in resources. With a GDP of over $75 billion. Ghana was the first country in sub-saharan Africa to break free from colonial rule as well as the first to achieve the target of having extreme poverty.

  1. Angola:


Angola has the biggest reserve of raw materials in Africa. Their economy is built on oil, with reserves of natural gas and oil. But due to resource mismanagement and internal corruption, the economy of the country has been negatively affected With a GDP of over $70billion.

  1. Tanzania:


Tanzania is the ten richest country in African continent with GDP of $69.24billion. The country’s economy is mainly based on agriculture.


Hope you have learned something about the richest countries in Africa today.

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