5 Oldest Countries In The World

Oldest Countries In The World

Oldest Countries In The World

As strange as it may feel to imagine one’s home country ceasing to exist, it’s actually quite difficult for a country to survive in the world. Over the millennia, countless nations have arisen and disappeared into the annals of history, but some have stuck around.

There are many countries with impressively long histories, but to determine which country is the oldest, one have to first of all differentiate between countries and empires because not doing so could produce incorrect and contradictory results.

Let take a look at the five oldest countries that has ever exist:

Top five oldest countries in the world:

  1. France – 486 AD


Attractions places: Paris, Nice, French Riviera and Marseille.

Best places to stay: Shangri la, Four seasons.

Language: French

Currency: Euro

France is the oldest country in the world. Its founding years can be traced back to the separation of charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire. The country is inextricably attached to its customs and traditions. France is not only one of the most beautiful countries it’s also the most beautiful country in the world.

  1. San Marino 301 AD

San Marino

Attraction places: Dogana and Falciano

Best places to stay: Grand Hotel san Marino, Hotel Cesare

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

San Marino is one of the smallest towns in the world. it’s the second oldest country in the world.

  1. Portugal 900 years old


Attraction places: Lisbon, Porto, Maderia

Best places to stay: Vila Vita park resort and spa, Belmond’s raid palace hotel

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro

The country has experience rapid development, many have noticed the change in Portugal in terms of its infrastructure. The walls guard Portugal from its enemies back in the day.

The Portuguese locals are tied down by traditions.

  1. Greece 4500 BC


Attractions places: Athens, Santorini and Mykonos

Best places to stay: Santorini princess spa hotel, limneon resort

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Greece’s classical period has had a pertinent impact on its present. And the classical period has proved to be successful in making Greece one of the most forward thinking countries in the world.

It’s a good thing one to visit Greece as it is one of the oldest countries in the world.

  1. Ethiopia 5 million Years


Attractions places: Addis Ababa, Gonder

Best places to stay: Radisson Blu, Mariott hotel

Language: Amharic

Currency: Ethiopian Birr

Ethiopia dates back to the time period to which we all can relate to, the Hominid era and is popular as one of the oldest country in Africa. And the culture and traditional ties are very strong in Ethiopia.

Islam and Judaism are being practised in Ethiopia.



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